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aaa07 frank and tina CD5A1409
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Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for visiting my website.

I’m Tina Francone and I am running for election to represent you on the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners.

My family and I chose to make Jefferson County our home because we believe the Jeffco community represents the independent spirit that drives strong businesses and fosters the best environment to raise a family.

I pledge to keep Jeffco Strong by:

  • Working to keep your taxes low, while balancing the budget by protecting the Taxpayer Bill of Rights,
  • Protecting all forms of public schools, including public charter and vocational schools,
  • Strengthening small businesses,
  • Reducing burdensome red tape to speed up housing projects to make new homes more affordable, 
  • Protecting your constitutional rights,
  • Keeping our streets safe

Please feel free to contact me anytime and please consider joining my team to keep Jeffco strong in 2018.

— Tina

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