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My family and I chose to make Jefferson County our home because Jeffco is different — it represents the independent spirit that drives strong businesses and fosters the best environment to live and work.

We all want to preserve those things that make Jeffco unique and special.  We are not Denver or Boulder. We are Jeffco!

Whether it’s working to keep taxes low, strengthening small businesses, or protecting your constitutional rights, I will fight to keep Jeffco strong.

Jobs/Economy: As a business owner I’ve signed the front and back of a paycheck. Just like a business, we need to prioritize our budget and reduce unnecessary regulations so that we can actually do the job of getting people back to work and keeping our businesses here in Jeffco.

Taxes and Spending: I will keep your taxes low and spending under control by protecting our precious Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Education: I am an outspoken advocate for all forms of public education, including charter schools and vocational schools. Our children deserve a great education, one that is right for them. Parents should have a wide range of options to choose from to tailor their children’s education to their individual needs.

Housing Affordability: I will continue to reduce burdensome red tape and permitting delays to speed up housing projects and make new homes more affordable.

Property rights: The key tenets of our Country are protecting Life, Liberty, and Property. I will work tirelessly to protect your property rights while working to bring in responsible development.

2nd Amendment: I am a certified, professional firearms safety instructor, I will protect your right to own and carry firearms.



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